Do you want to support a great inventor to make a great contribution to the environment?

Every major project needs financial help, larger or smaller.

I am Luis Burgos, an inventor with a talent and skills to create impressive things, with a brilliant mind, capable of drawing and building anything with my hands and with extensive experience in different fields.

All this is okay, however, for more talent one has there is an essential factor to bring any idea to success. That’s financial support, because without it you cannot take a single step in industrial development or marketing, not to mention the day to day of any inventor. Every day there are small and large expenses, and the more patents are obtained the harder it is to keep them. I live in Spain, a country where there is no help to the inventors, there is no culture or experience of Investment in technology, but interestingly a country where there are many talented people, such as inventors, biologists, surgeons, scientists, etc., who stand out in their specialties but they have to emigrate to other countries of the world to find the necessary support to develop their careers.

I have created this section of donations to tell many people to read these lines that to get here with the XBRIK project I have done real miracles. However, I am totally prevented from moving forward with it if I don't get financial help, mainly due to lack of financial support. This has made me have to have some friends or family to keep my project.

I want to get to the US where inventors like me are appreciated and respected, but to get to America I need funds. This donation section is created for those people who can help with any small amount and will be in effect until I can get an investor that support me from anywhere in the world.

With the donation, you who read these lines will be helping me day by day and will contribute dramatically so that I can endure until I have the support to industrialize and commercialize my XBRIK project.

I am struggling to achieve a great miracle and it is largely saving the future of new generations by controlling the contamination by being able to eliminate a large part of plastic bags worldwide.

You can provide any amount they can.  If I have a little support they will see how I continue to progress until this great XBRIK project is realized.

For anyone who can give a small donation below I leave an account number:

IBAN: ES56 1563 2626 3132 6751 7025


You  can provide any amount they can, if I have a little support they will see how I continue to progress until this great XBRIK project is realized.

Do not forget to send me an email to

Putting your name and where you are from.

I promise to answer everyone.

Many thanks in advance to all.

Sincerely, Luis Burgos.