I am the inventor Luis Burgos. I want to tell you that I have always gone one step ahead in technology and I have a great vision for the future. A long time ago, I realized that the planet we live in is slowly dying because many of the human beings are not aware of the serious ecological and environmental problems they are currently generating. The Earth has serious problems of contamination due to the overpopulation and human unconsciousness . I consider that his wisdom walks parallel to his dementia. One of the serious problems that most affect nature and oceans around the world are plastic bags and one of the sectors that manufactures the most bags is the food industry. A simple bag used in a few seconds can remain in nature for more than 300 years. Incredible, right? I had some visions and I am terrified to think what kind of future we will leave in for the next generations of children and young people today.  And for a while I thought that maybe there was no remedy, like most people, however I was wrong. People like me and with conscience can do many things to improve thanks to the help of people like you who are reading my words right now. There are international laws for plastic bags and sooner or later will have to disappear. At one point in my life, I thought I could do to help improve things and believe me when I tell you that my XBRIK laminated container is without a doubt the most eco-friendly container since it has no plastic bag inside. Imagine for a moment a package that will become a standard of packaging for all solid products, currently much of it is already compostable and the rest is recyclable. The XBRIK will eliminate between 60 and 70% of all bags in the future and this will greatly help thousands of marine animals that die each year from swallowing these bags. The creation of the XBRIK will mark a before and after in the massive recycling of millions of tons of waste worldwide. Being with me is contributing significantly to truly improve the world.