1.  It all started with the first Sketch made in 1998 of the STARCRIC cover, made of cardboard; In this sketch it is discovered that a semi-circular section could pass through a frame when the pivot point is on the same line.

2.   1999 Year First non-functional model of the WORLD PACK System; The system ironically tried to give a support to the plastic bags to provide them with lids for the discharge of liquids, however over time the project was evolving and currently has nothing to do with the initial idea.

3.    Year 1999 First Prototype of the WORLDPACK System, made of wood by Luis Burgos, this System was like a kind of cage that was disassembled to join a flexible food package and give a point of attachment to the STARCRIC caps, in 3 photographs you can see the fully assembled and open system of this prototype is 21 years old and still works.

4, 5 and 6.   Functional prototypes of the Lid STARCRIC model, made of wood in 1998.



7.  Functional prototype of the 1999 STARCRIC Lid made of wood, this model shows the first convex curve on the front and the model improves the pouring.

8.  First prototype made in 2000 by injection mold with polyethylene plastic of the STARCRIC lid; the mold was a failure because the Lids did not work.





9.  First prototype realized in the year 2000 -2009 of the Lid TOPCRIC at this moment a new phase in the project begins; Since the TOPCRIC Lids are already perfect for non-perishable products, these prototypes were made by hand for a whole year achieving the 6 sizes; This was a great feat considering that all the sizes of the Lids worked and that they were made by hand with separate parts of PVC and glued with cyanoacrylate.

10.  First prototype of the year 2001 of the TOPCRIC Lids made in mold by injection of plastic Polyethylene; This was the second failed mold because the pieces did not fit functionally or aesthetically.

11.  Second evolution prototype of the year 2000 - 2011 the Lid TOPCRIC; made by injection mold for the first time with polypropylene plastic; third attempt with a mold and another failure since the Lids did not work, but aesthetically they began to look good.

12.  In 2012 the best model is created, the TOPBRIK lid created especially for laminated containers and unlike the TOPCRIC, the Nitrogen barrier can contain a very large evolution since it is the most perfected until that date, then 2 models were made plus the TOPBRIK evolution 1 and Evolution 2 leaving a total in the history of 8 versions of the STARCRIC, TOPCRIC and TOPBRIK Lids; Evolution 1 and 2 have not been manufactured in prototype or injection mold and are special versions as alternatives to an easier integration in their manufacture.

13.   Between these two photographs there is a 21-year difference; Left photo Lid TOPBRIK right photo STARCRIC cover.