To say that a project is a multi-million dollar business is to be very sure of oneself; but there are many other factors that aligned make it go in the direction of a record of future benefits.

I want to explain in a few lines because I am sure that my packaging system will become in a few years one of the most profitable businesses in the world billing billions.

Lets start by the beginning:

In the first place there are many years of work in a first stage from 1998 to 2001 there are 3 years, in the second stage from 2010 to 2020 there are already 10; but from the beginning exactly 22 years have passed.

What can give so many years of work?

Mainly two things one of them is a lot of experience and the other is a constant evolution of the patented ideas to the point that it is extremely difficult not to say impossible for someone to reach such a degree of perfection in the patented products since there are thousands of hours behind tests, constant changes and improvements.

Secondly; an extraordinary and unique palm groves worldwide with products for packaging that have not yet been commercialized.

Achieving 60 patents that prove an extraordinary work of which 3 patents are considered Star patents in U-S-A, 19 international awards and 6 world records is not something that is available to any individual.

Consistency, willingness and hard work make someone achieve these things, this implies that the ideas TOPCRIC, TOPBRIK and XBRIK are something unique and exceptional for thousands of people who visited the 25 exhibition fairs in which they participate and for the packaging industry itself.

To date there has not been a single criticism against in any exhibition, neither by consumers nor by professionals, this gives a clear idea of ​​the extent to which this revolutionary concept of packaging with lids is accepted.

When someone asks me how much the scope would be in sales, I usually reply that I have no idea; but there is a little formula that I apply.

If we put 100% between the sales of liquids and the sales of packaged solid products; Liquids sales would be around 20% and solid products sales around 80%.

I still don't have actual range data corroborated by a specialized team; but I can apply a formula.

It is very roughly estimated that the XBRIK container could reach Tetra Pak sales 5 times in less than 10 years.

Taking as an example the benefits of packaging manufactured by Tetra Pak in 2018.

(NOTE the Tetra Pak container is exclusively for liquids, the XBRIK container is exclusive for solid products)

The containers that the Tetra Pak company manufactured in 2018 were: 189,000,000,000 million units.

My XBRIK container with the TOPBRIK caps will be around 5 times more production.

189,000,000,000 x 5 = 945,000,000,000 containers per year.

945,000,000,000 packaging units manufactured per year.

Royalty for each cover 0.02 Euro.

Royalty for each container 0.02 Euro.

Total between lid and container 0.04

945,000,000,000 x 0.04 = 37,800,000,000 Euros

37,800,000,000 Euros; impressive figure.

But even reaching just 10% of those benefits would give 3,780,000,000 still an impressive figure.

Think for a moment that every second that you are reading these lines consume thousands of packages around the world for every second.

The amount is much lower than the real one because I have only given the Tetra Pak packaging brand as an example and I have not taken into account either Alfa Laval, combiblok or any of the dozens of competitors that Tetra Pak has around the world, therefore the figures I mention could be perfectly achieved, since we are talking about creating a new packaging standard for all existing solid products.

Did you know that when XBRIK is released it will have no competitors?

The XBRIK is the only laminated, compostable container with a lid so special and advanced that when it comes onto the market, it doesn't open a single container that comes close in technology.

Well reaching 160 countries like Tetra Pak is difficult; if it is difficult, but not impossible, in a period between 5 to 10 years it could be achieved.

Any of you could obtain benefits from the XBRIK container in the same proportion that you are able to bet on my project and me.

And to finish these lines, I will tell you about the international epidemic of Corona Virus, asking you some questions:

Do people stop eating? NO.

Have there been more product sales in recent months? YES.

Sales in the food industry, pet food and cleaning chemicals soared, breaking record profits.

Sales of pharmaceutical companies and respirator manufacturers also skyrocketed.

I want to tell you that although the world is sinking, even if there is an economic crisis, a war or any cataclysm of something, I am completely sure and that is that all the people in the very near future will continue to eat and take their food home in their wonderful XBRIK containers.

But I forget a great detail: XBRIK not only revolutionizes the packaging industry.

It also revolutionizes the entire burgeoning recycling industry 100% by changing the entire recycling process.

I hope you understand the vast reach that the XBRIK will have on the market.

Thank you for reading.