MARCH 11, 2020 

In a few days a video that will be uploaded on Linkedin will be recorded.

This video offers a reward between 100,000 to 5,000,000 dollars to any of my contacts on Linkedin to the first person who finds one of the 5 main things that the project needs in order of importance:


Nº1. Reward of 100,000 dollars and 10% of the benefit of the first year in the project to those who find a sponsor or a businessman who can give me financial support from the first moment and wants to partner with me to help me in industrial development.

Nº2. Reward of 5,000,000 Dollars to the first person to find a company that has a great capacity to develop and launch my project worldwide.

Nº3. Reward of 3,000,000 dollars to anyone who finds an important investment group that can buy 20% of my company; (current price 67,000,000 dollars).

Nº4. Reward of 100,000 dollars + 10% of the benefit of the first year to those who find a manufacturer of packaging machinery who wants to partner with me. (Very good conditions for the machinery manufacturer).

Nº5. Reward of 500,000 Dollars + 12% of the production of the first year to those who find a Manufacturer who acquires the first manufacturing license of my XBRIK system with launch in U-S-A. on the following sectors:

A. Animal food

B. Nuts

C. Cereals.

D. Powdered soaps

Attention. I am a serious and very professional person, the offer is 100% real, but any of the commissions offered are subject to the success of the project.

In no case will absolutely nothing be paid if the project does not give benefits. Any negotiation will be agreed beforehand.

The commission will go based on what any of you get and I guarantee that whoever gets one of these things for the project will receive their commission.